How To Fix Windows Search Not Working in Windows 7 or Windows 10

Windows is one of the best and the most utilised operating system that is compatible with every systems be it laptops or computers. Windows is also the oldest operating system that the users from all around the world are using since a long time. But, now a days, the users are facing lots of windows search not working related issues because of which the user is unable to perform their work on it. This issue generally takes place when the Windows operating system is not updated or when there is some problem in the system on which this issue is taking place. Windows 10 Search Not working Problem Therefore, for every version of Windows the troubleshooting steps for solving this issue is different. So, whenever the user come across windows 10 search not working issues then for this they should follow the below given steps: Firstly the user should shut down their system on which this Window problem is taking place. Then the user should also restart their web browser on which they are working so as to solve this particular problem. Read More »

How To Recover Gmail Password Without Recovery Information

Recovery Option Should be setup Before to use this recovery method. Such as when the last login, when the account was created. So that we think is very difficult to answer because on average we are not considering this issue. Before proceeding, it is important to note in this way can only be done if you have added a phone number and email recovery to recover gmail password. Recover Gmail Password Without Recovery Information Such as Email, Phone Number.. The first step to do is gmail password reset . Usually people who forget something may simply be quiet and endless panic. That may be because we are imperfect creatures. So make sure you stay calm yourself and think positively that the email account you can go back. Enter Your Email Address: The second step is to reset the gmail password enter your email address on the login page. For password need not be included because we will not be reset if the password is not forgotten. click the link Forgot your password? below the login button and wait until the next page appears. Help Account The thir Read More »

unable to sending any more new email in gmail account how to fix this problem

Gmail Not Sending Email Try This Method To Fix Out This Problem   If your Gmail application is not sending your emails, you may think to uninstall it, only to find out you can not in any elegant fashion. So try this very simple way to get your emails sending again: Go into Settings>Applications>Manage Applications Find Gmail in the list of applications (you may have to press the All tab at the top if you don ot see it) Clear the applications Cache and Data. You will get the picture above when you try to clear the data, but this will be re-synced later on. Thats it. You will have to relaunch Gmail and manually re-sync your accounts, but after that, the issue will be solved. This may save you from yelling some choice words at anyone who crosses you amidst your frustrations. Tags : Gmail not sending emails android,gmail not sending emails iphone,gmail not sending emails on mac Read More »