Amazon: How can you contact the customer Service hotline?

For questions, problems and concerns to the Amazon customer service can often help. How to reach Amazon? This is the major problem. There is amazing service offered by Amazon that is “callback service for customers”.

“Amazon Callback Service”: If you do not want to record on "conventional way", as Amazon calls it, contact, you can take the Amazon callback service.

  • Click on the Amazon home page at the top of "Contacts", then click "Contact Us"
  • Once you have entered your data, you can select your concern from a list of topics.
  • Then enter the phone number where you can be reached, and decide if you want to be called back immediately or in five minutes from the Amazon customer service.

Amazon: Order by phone Amazon: Order by phone Meanwhile Amazon supplies already on the same day if you order in the morning at the mail order company. This also works on the road: All you need is the free Amazon app and a current smartphone with Android or iOS .

Official Amazon Customer Service Phone Number - +1 888-280-4331

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