How to charge other devices with Google Pixel?

Google Pixel phone is one of the most advanced phones available in the market. It offers various advantages like brilliant camera quality, speedy software, security updates, etc. But if you want to know about its one more fantastic benefit, 'How to charge other devices with Google Pixel?', here you will get the solution. You will learn about the 'Battery Share' feature of Google Pixel, how it works, and how to turn it on.

What is battery share, and how does it work?

Battery share enables your Google Pixel to charge your Qi-certifies phones and accessories wirelessly. But you should keep specific points in mind while using the battery share. Here are the points which you should adhere to:

  • The device must be compatible with a Qi-complaint wireless charger.
  • It should sit in the right spot on Pixel 5-7 Pro.
  • This feature is not available in Pixel 6a and 7a.
  • Make sure that there are no metallic or magnetic attachments at the back of your phone.
  • There should be a placement diagram appearing on your screen while charging.

How do you activate the battery share in your Google Pixel?

Here's how you can activate the battery share feature in your phone if you do not know 'How to charge other devices with Google Pixel?' You can not only share your battery wirelessly, but it also provides other options, making it a must-use. You can set the limit of your charging percentage when it stops sharing its battery. Moreover, your phone displays its current battery level, too. Following are the steps that you need to follow:

  • Go to your phone's Settings app.
  • Click on 'Battery' to continue.
  • Press on 'Battery Share' to activate it.

When does the battery share turn off?

The battery share provides you with a wireless charging feature, but it also keeps in mind that your phone's health should not be hampered. Due to this reason, it turns off the battery share feature on its own, and also there are other reasons that can compel it to do so, such as;

  • When your device reaches a high temperature, it automatically turns it off.
  • If the power transmission is not going well for any reason.
  • In case it starts charging another device after 30 seconds,
  • The receiving device has fully charged.

What other advantages do you get from Google Pixel?

The battery share is not the only feature that puts the Google Pixel phone ahead of other mobiles available in the market. Here are a few more features that make it a good option to try and enhance your mobile experience:

  • Live Translate:- Pixels will automatically translate any message different than the default languages and help you respond in the same message language.
  • Advanced Call Settings:- Options like spam and call screen, clear calling, direct my call, etc., will enhance your calling experience.
  • Smart Search:- Just press and circle anything on the screen you want to search, and you will be able to view the search results and add a search query as well.

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