About Apple Maps

Apple Maps is not just a simple application for iOS users that can only be used for navigating but also has really good features and tools that even surpass "Google Maps". You can use the application to get information on the nearest shops along with their opening timing, virtual voice to navigate you, shortest route available and many more. If you want to learn about the Apple Maps different trips and tricks, then go through the given information:

  • Get a view of the street - One of the biggest perks of the Apple Maps is that you get a view of the street on your screen which helps you in locating the building or house faster. To use the street view option, you need to set the pin to the preferred location and tap on the "Binoculars" icon. After that, you will get the street view on the screen and can also use the arrows to move around the location.
  • Generate your guide - Suppose you want to reach a certain destination but have no idea regarding its route then you can use the guide feature of Apple Maps that will assist you with the directions and provide the best route. If you wish to generate the guide, then search for the destinations and select the "Guide" option from the bottom. Name the guide and you will get the route on your screen.
  • Share the live location with your friends or Family - Apple Maps is known for its accurate location sharing. You can share your live location with any other Apple user through the preferred application and get real-time updates regarding their whereabouts. Open the Apple Maps application on your device at the end of the options, you will find the "Share My Location" button. Choose the application through which you want to share the application and send it to the preferred person.
  • Flyover tour of your Preferred city in 3D - Another best feature of Apple Maps is "Flyover" through which you get a 3D view of some cities from above. You can even move yourself using your fingers and can also take virtual helicopter rides. Use this feature to look out for the destination before visiting. Search for the city where you wish to fly and if the option is available, then the "Flyover" button will appear on the screen.
  • Mark your Parking location - Sometimes it takes more than a couple of minutes for people to find the location where they have parked the car, especially in the huge parking lot. You can use the Apple Maps as they remember its last location. First, you need to connect the phone to your car through the Car Play or Bluetooth. Open the "Privacy" section from your phone settings. Go to the Location services and turn on the significant locations. After that go to the Apple maps and turn on the "Show Parked Location", then you will be able to see the location of the car on the maps.

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