I Forgot My Gmail Password, How to Reset It?

As we all know, Google is the world’s largest and the most popular search engine. If you frequently use it then you must have registered a gmail, which is a free mail service provide by Google. Gmail provides more then 15G of storage space that you can store important emails, files and photos. Just because of this, you are asked to set a password when register it. While, the unexpected always happens. When forgot your gmail password how can you reset it? Actually it is very easy.

Can’t sign in your gmail for password forgotten?

When you enter an incorrect password and click Sign in button, it instantly prompts the message "The email or password you entered is incorrect".

At this time, you should firstly check whether your gmail address is correct. Carefully check at least 2 times to make sure your entered gmail address is correct. So that you can conclude that the password you entered is incorrect. Then you need to reset your Gmail password.

Reset your gmail password on login page

It is pretty easy to reset a gmail password on login page.

Step 1: Click the Need help label under the Sign in button.

Step 2 : It jumps to the page as below. Select "I don’t know my password". Then click on Continue button.

Step 3: You come to the next page as below. If you still remember the last password enter it in the text field then click Continue button. If you have totally forgotten it, directly click "I don’t know" button.

Step 4: You are asked to reset your this gmail password using the verification with another email address which you ever used to register your gmail. Click Continue button.

An email has been sent to your this email you used to verify.

Then sign in your this associated email to follow its instruction to reset your gmail forgotten password.

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