How To Better Manage Your History In Google Chrome

The method is quite simple and easy and you just need to follow the simple step by step guide that will help you to implement this. As in this, you will need to install one Chrome extension and make sure you are not using private browsing tab while implementing this as the extension will not get installed in that tab. Follow the below steps to proceed. Steps To Better Manage Your History In Google Chrome: #1  First of all launch Google Chrome browser in your PC and there you need to download and install one extension that is History Eraser the extension that will create a custom dashboard for you that will help you to better access to the history of any date and time. #2 Click on “Add to Chrome” button to get the extension added to your browser and once the extension is added you will see the icon at the top right corner of your browser. How To Better Manage Your History In Google Chrome #3 Now you just need to click on that icon and you will see one custom dashboard in your Chrome and you will see the history listed by date a Read More »

How To Automatically Shutdown Your Computer At Specific Time

How to Set a Shutdown Timer On Windows This method will generate a shortcut on your desktop and time of shutdown will be set by you and when you click on it the countdown will automatically start and your Pc will get shut down after a specific time. The method will be effective when you are downloading something that takes excess time and in that case, you can set a timer for a shutdown. Just follow up the below steps to proceed. First of all, click on start and type notepad and press enter. Now notepad will open, just copy the below code and paste it into your notepad. shutdown -s -t 60 2. In the above code 60 represent the time period in seconds after which PC will shutdown, you can change this also as specifying 60 will shutdown computer after 60 seconds that is 1 minute and if you want to shutdown it after 2 hours then you will write  shutdown -s -t 7200. 3. Now save this file in desktop as Techviral shutdown.bat you can give any name to file but .bat after the file name is the must. 4. Now y Read More »

Norton antivirus quick scan not working how to fix this problem

 Your Norton antivirus scan not working Antivirus is the software that protects the computer system from all kind of online viruses and threats. It is utilized by a large number of users to shield their PCs and PCs from infection and malwares. It is utility programming which give defend to PCs against numerous all online virus. It gives finish defend to the gadgets thus that PC can work securely and safely. In fact it also gives protection against file infectors, system infectors and macro viruses. Regularly it happens that Norton Antivirus Not Scanning the system and different devices from the destructive infections. There is nothing to stress over this in light of the fact that there are some simple advances which a user need to take after to find out the actual reason behind its failure or inactive. Users can experience the below steps to fix the issues of Norton antivirus- ·    User need to  go to start and then control panel ·    Next now open program then program and Features ·    At this point u Read More »