How to Recover Hacked Gmail Account

Simple 5 Steps to recover hac ked gmail account

Step 1 First Go To the Gmail/Google Account Login Page when this open click on Need help option as below

Google Password Help

Step 2 After click on this you will redirect on google/gmail account recovery page on " I don't know my password" option now click continue

Google Login Trouble

Step 3: you will visible a Captcha form, fill this and click “Continue”. On the next page you can enter your last password that you remember and click “Continue” or simply choose the “I don’t know” option

Google Password Reset

Step 4 On necxt phase Google/Gmail will provide the basic password reset screen which will work when you forgot your Google/gmail account password but not when it’s hacked, because the hacker may have already changed all those details so you won’t be able to recover using any of those options. Now the only way to recover the password is to use the “Verify your identity” option.

Verify Your Google Identity

Step 5 : Now "Verifiy your identity "page by answering about multiple question about your account

Google Account Recovery Process

Google Account Recovery Process

Google Account Recovery Process

If you’re not sure about the date you started using Google services then you can even get help from your friends.

Google Account Recovery Process

Submit the Details now its done now if you want to know more about this contact gmail technical support number or contact google technical support team.

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Turbotax Support Phone Number : How To Solve The Bugs Related to It

Turbotax is the account managing software that helps the users a lot in performing the essential tasks.This specific software is proficient enough and at the same time economic and simple.It is the complete explanation of the efficient software application that has launched to fulfil the purpose of calculating and even to supervise the personal account.This specific software is liable for saving the time and cost.

Turbotax technical support

For the unusual conditions when the users are encountered through the turbotax issues ,they may contact the Turbotax technical support team that is liable to solve the technical bugs.To be in contact of the support team,individuals are required to dial the help number.As soon as the number would be dialled,the bugs would get solved instantly.

Several issues are there that has been solved through the support team in which users may see resolution for one:

  • How Sign In problem would get solve in Turbotax?
  • First the users need to go over the “Account recovery” page
  • It is now required to enter the phone number,email address and the user ID related to the account
  • Users should now go with the onscreen instructions
  • Individuals would now sent with the code that will help them in recovering the account
  • After entering the code users would be able to login into their account
  • For solving the login issue,individuals may even complete the “Email change submission from”  

For those who still getting trouble in solving the above problem and have find any help with the solution of the above steps may contact the support team immediately through using the Turbotax support phone number that is quite easy to find.With the help of it,individuals would get the chance to talk with live technicians.First the expert would listen to the problem and then solve the issue through proper guidance.Individuals are required to pay certain amount of money in exchange of getting help.

The other ways through which the individuals may get help are the online guides and tutorials.With the help of it,users would be able to avail help in case of urgency.There is no need to pay any money for that 

Why it is important for the users to contact Turbotax customer service? 

It is important to contact the support team because they are the only hope for the users at the time of urgency.With the help of the technical team users would get several benefits that has been listed here:

  • Help from the certified experts
  • Instant help for all major and minor bugs
  • Password related bugs get solve properly
  • Solution at the cost effective rates
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Avail Professional Hotmail Support by Dialling Hotmail Contact Number !!

Hotmail Support Avail : 24 Hour With Extreme Assistance at Toll Helpline Phone Number Gives Remote Support

Hotmail email usage lets you use a set of its features which has been offered by this email service. However in spite of its wonderful features, there can be a series of issues which can provide a bottleneck to the users in properly using these features. Some issues of this email are password issues, configuration issues, sending and receiving email problems and so on. However many users find difficulty in creating a new Hotmail account and call Hotmail support phone number to fix it. However they can also refer to the following directives for the same:-

  • First visit Hotmail site
  • Now you need to fill a sign up page by providing all your personal information, birthday, name and gender etc.
  • Next you need to create your account name as well as new password
  • Now you are supposed to fill contact information such as phone number and alternate email service
  • Next pick your country and also your postal code
  • Now just ensure that you are not robot by filling the CAPTCHA images
  • Finally click on Create Account

Hotmail Contact Number

Voila !! you have done with creating a new account in Hotmail !! However if you are really having tribulations in registering yourself with this email, then you do not have to be worried at all as you will get instant help from the customer support technicians. For getting their rapid help, you need to call Hotmail contact number at any given time of the single day.

Hotmail Official Details : .com

Hotmail Support Phone Number : 1-855-486-4299

Hotmail Contact Number : 1-855-550-2552

Hotmail Helpline Number : 1-888-467-5540

If you need hotmail technical support assistance except the information about hotmail support phone number you can find here

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