Want to Change Your Youtube Name on Ipad Mini? Learn it here

How to change your Youtube name on Ipad mini? The answer to this question is pretty simple and won’t consume much of your time. If you use your Google account’s name for your Youtube channel, then you can alter it easily. Any changes made to the name will be applied across all the Google services. In case your Youtube channel name doesn’t match your Google account’s name, then your Youtube channel might be connected to Google + page. How to change your Youtube Channel name on ipad mini? It must be noted that you can change the name of your Youtube channel three times in 90 days. Here are the steps: Go to the Youtube app on your ipad mini, and tap on account. To open your channel, tap on your channel’s icon. Tap settings located on the right hand corner of your channel page. Tap on edit located on the right hand side Type in the new name for your channel. Tap on Ok. You can also change your channel’s icon too. Here are the steps: Sign in to your channel on Youtube. Click on Menu. Choose My ch Read More »

MSN Customer Service Acquire the help from independent Technical Support

This number mention here about msn customer service not related to this website its just by user review so you can try this helpline for your help Note :1-855-925-7086 This is for your information just for any query related to msn support Contact On this Phone Number MSN Tech Support Customer Service - Giving the most prudent solution We won’t be spilling the beans if we say that Charter MSN is ahead of its contemporaries when it comes to email services. All credit must go to MSN customer service which has continued to provide flawless msn customer service and give faultless solutions to all sorts of users queries, both msn technical and non technical. Also, not all users are pioneers when t comes to dealing with technical stuff. Most of them are ignorant about various features of the msn emailing service. For such users, dialing the MSN Customer service number is the last option to help their cause. The solutions they get are in layman’s language and make life a lot easier for them. What are the common queries that users of MSN have?   Read More »

Reset your Gmail account password using the alternate email address

Have you lost your Gmail password? Unable to reset your Gmail password? Looking for how to reset with Gmail password with alternate email? There are two different ways by which you can reset your Gmail account password. Either you can use your mobile number or using your alternate email address. This particular article describes the process in details by which you can reset your account password using alternate email address. Step 1: Go to Gmail homepage or sign-in page and click on the ‘Need help?’ link. Step 2: In the next page click on the radio button option ‘I don’t know my password’ for answering the question‘Having trouble signing in?’. Also enter the email address you want to recover. Step 3: Now you have to enter the last password you remember and click ‘Continue’ to proceed. Step 4: On the next where the option for call or text appears click on the button ‘I can’t access my phone’. Step 5: On the next page you will receive the option for sendin Read More »