Facebook not working on iPhone

It's a common problem that while you are ready to use Facebook on your iPhone, something unexpected interrupts the functioning. There can be several reasons for this like you might be using an older iOS version, a Facebook app is not updated, etc. However, if, in any case, Facebook not working on iPhone, you don't have to worry. Here we have come up with some best troubleshooting tips which you can use to fix the issues. So let's get started.

Follow the quick Troubleshooting tips below to fix Facebook issues 

Quit and relaunch the app 

The first method is to close the app, wait for a few seconds, and then re-open it on the iPhone. Most of the time, this simple hack can fix the issues in real-time.

Update the Facebook version 

The Facebook app often doesn't function when you use an older version. So ensure your Facebook app is updated and open the app again to see if it is working fine.

Restart the Wifi or Mobile network

A poor network is one of the most common factors affecting Facebook's functioning on iPhone. In that case, you can switch off and on the sources, whether wifi or mobile network, to have a good connection.

Restart the iPhone 

It's easy yet one of the best solutions. If Facebook is not working on iPhone because of software-related issues, you can restart the iPhone and fix the issues.

Re-install the facebook 

If none of the above solves your problem, you can delete your app from the iPhone and install it again from the app store. Doing this will fix all the glitches, and bugs interrupt the facebook performance.

Update the iOS version 

Updating the iOS version fixes many software-related issues you keep encountering in the older version. You can check the update by visiting the settings app, going to General, and then navigating to the software update menu. Then you need to install the update for a better experience.

How do you reset Facebook on iPhone?

Don't worry if the problem persists. If nothing resolves the issue with your Facebook, you can always reset the Facebook app and fix everything. Resetting Facebook can fix most of the major problems, allowing you to work perfectly. 

To reset the Facebook, you can clear the Facebook cache on your iPhone. To do that, open Facebook apps and go to settings and privacy, then delete and reinstall the app to clear its cache data. Now to proceed further, follow the steps below.

  • Login to your account and click on the gear-shaped icon in the upper left of the screen. Now go to the account setting or privacy setting to access all settings. Now use the left side column of the resulting page to reset the preference. 
  • Select the General tab to modify changes to settings like name, network, and username; these changes you can do only two to three times in your account. Select the Security to enable or disable settings like notifications, approvals, and app passwords.
  • Use the 'Privacy,' 'Timeline and Tagging,' and Blocking options to change the settings for how someone can find you on Facebook and, who you can find, how others can interact. You must use the Edit buttons to make and confirm the changes.
  • Click on Notifications and mobile tabs to reset preferences for how Facebook can notify you about activities. View and Edit options allow you to make changes and confirm them. Now click on the Remove link on the settings to delete your mobile number from Facebook, then disable the Facebook texts. Use the 'Followers' tab for turning the following on and off; you can enable non-friends to see the public content.
  • Then select the Apps tab to reset the preferences for applications you and other Facebook users use. Click edit and change settings for individual apps, or you can click X to remove apps together.

By following the procedure above, you can fix the problem of Facebook not working on iPhone. However, if the problem still occurs and you don't know what to do, speak to the Facebook customer support team for technical support.

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