How do i change my facebook business page url

Have you regretted after creating a business URL for your Facebook page. Well, it may happen when the chosen URL is not in sync with your business. For this simple reason, many users want to change their business URL but they really don’t know how to get it changed. They want to do it quick but due to their less knowledge they struggle in changing their URL. However now they are not supposed to be take stress for their inability to change their URL as they can do it all alone. All they need at this point is the proper steps which have to be followed in order to perform this task. Here are the following guidelines which will help you to change your business URL directly:-

  • First of all you need to get to the top of the page and then you need to click on Edit page
  • After that click on Update Info>Basic Information>Change Username

Here is the most simple way to change the URL of your business page on Facebook. But the irony is that a lot of users are still not able to follow these directives. The reason behind this is that they have no ideas as to how to change their URL. This leads them to a series of depression and they yield to this situation. But can’t they have a sound support to eliminate these troubles? Well,they can definitely get the help of the best strategies which will help them to counter the troubles which you are entangled with. Changing a Facebook business URL page is very simple if you get the support of the staff who have tremendous experience in their field. Hence if you are feeling low-key due to such troubles, then call Facebook technical support number instantaneously.

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