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How to install wordpress in cpanel step by step


Wordpress is basically one of the biggest online content management system that is used by millions of users worldwide for the purpose of creating things like blog, site or any online content and that too totally free of cost.

how to install wordpress in cpanel step by step:-

  • In case you want to install the wordpress as cPaddons then you need to know that it allows the hosting providers to simply and manage the installation and update of the software for their users.

  • So for that you have to enable the wordpress installations as a cPaddon by going through the below steps.

  • You need to first of all navigate to the WHM’s install cPaddons site software interface.

  • After that you have to select the checkbox of the cPanel blogs wordpress.

  • Followed by clicking on the option of the cPaddon config.

  • Now it is to note here that you can go for moderating the installation of the wordpress as a cPaddon.

  • And for that you have to navigate to the WHM’s Manage cPaddons site software interface.

  • And then select the cPanel followed by going to the blogs option and then to the wordpress check box.

  • And at the end you have to click on the update moderation option.

  • Here one thing to note is that you should not modify or delete the default wordpress plugins and themes that are provided by the cpanel installation.

  • Because due to this modification the wordpress will not update automatically.

So the above written steps are the simple steps that need to be followed in order to create the wordpress by cPanel.You can simply go through the points written above to do as you wish without facing any technical glitches.

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