How do I set up Wi-Fi calling on my iPhone

The Wifi facility in the iPhone works as a backbone. This is because when the cellular signal does not work, the wifi calling plays a critical role in connecting your device on a call with others or another. With this perk, many iOS users wonder, " How do I set up Wi-Fi calling on my iPhone?"  So, the given sections will highlight all the windows based on which you can set up the Wifi calling on your device; please delve into them;

Learn the method/s to set the Wifi calling on iPhone. 

Set up the Wifi settings on the iPhone. 

The networks on your device may get broken in the market or public places. This can prevent you from using your cellular data appropriately, and you may not be able to place a phone call. Thus, the wifi is option is given by iPhone on devices; below are the different steps through which you can set the wifi calling on iPhone; please take a look:

  • First, you have to go to "Settings" on your device. 
  • Find the tab "Cellular" to continue with the process.
  • Choose the SIM (in case of a double SIM device, choose the one network). 
  • Click the "Wifi Calling" option and turn on the "Wifi Calling" option.
  • Confirm address or other things to begin the service. 

NOTE: If the cellular network is not strong or stable, all your calls can be diverted to your current Wifi signals. 

What are the pros of using WIFI calling on iPhone?

Anyone who raises the concern "How do I set up Wi-Fi calling on my iPhone?" once must have gone through the pros of setting it up. So, for your convenience, below are the different perks of using Wi-Fi calling on an iPhone; please take a look and understand;

  • Alternative option--- Even if the cellular networks are unstable, your Internet connection will help you receive the calls. This will help you to connect over a call without any hassle. 
  • Cost-effective--- Generally, cellular data, calls, etc., are expensive, and you can cut down this cost by enabling the Wifi settings on your device.
  • Battery-efficiency--- A constant turned-on option of Cellular Data can drain the battery's health or its everyday usage. Thus, to avoid such a case, you must set up Wifi calling setup on your iPhone.
  • No additional hardware----  You do not need to install any external software to access the WIFI calling feature on your device. 

Does a Wifi call require Internet on an iPhone?

The proposal of Wifi calling on iPhone is given primarily to cut down the cost incurred on mobile data, thus it shows that Wifi calling on an iPhone does not require the Internet connection. All you are suggested to keep yourself in the loop with all the updates proposed by the primary agency. 

How exactly does the Wifi calling work on iPhones?

Once you set up the Wifi calling on iPhone, you will receive the phone calls based on your WIfi connectivity. You do not either require the Internet recharge in your device or a stable network. 



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