windows 8 not responding on startup

Windows is just the operating system which has been developed by the Microsoft company. The Microsoft company has been manufactured many such operating system for the system, and this windows is just among one of them. This operating system basically operates as the link between the user and the internet services. It could be used as the platform for performing the various task by the help of the system.

How to fix freezing issue while windows login ?

Many a times people has faced this freezing problem and has been complaining it on the regular basis. So, the company has managed to provide the proper solution for the issue through which a common person is facing and getting trouble while accessing the facilities.

1. Start windows in safe mode in your required system – One should start there required windows in the safe mode to get out of this kind of common and head breaking issues.

2. Check windows installation – Make a check to your windows installation that whether it has installed properly in your system and that too along with the oftware driver which basically supports the software.

3. Scan your computer system – May be some kind of virus is creating some problem and hence to remove that one should instantly scan there required system and resolve the problem.

4. Clear cache in from your system – One should delete the cache from your system and then get the proper solution of your problem.

Now the above mentioned steps are mentioned to provide you full detailed information and solution in your issues which you are facing at present. One should even can make a direct call at their official number which is windows 8 technical support number

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