Why apple iphone is not connecting to wifi

Apple iphone as we all know is the best mobile device available now a days. All the more Apple iphones are costly, but its features and technicalities makes it worth every penny. But users are now complaining that their iphone is not connecting with Wi-Fi and they are not able to connect with the internet.

So, if anytime the users come across this issue they can simply follow these metioned steps and can solve it whenever they want to. Besides, for more information the users can directly make a call on the apple technical support number and can communicate with the technicians available for the users.

  • The first step to solve this issue is to restart the iphone device. For doing this
  • - hold the power button that is at the top of the device.

    - Then just drag the slider of the iphone so as to turn off the device.

  • The users should also make sure that the airplane mode is off on their devices. For doing this:

    - go to the settings option of the phone and from there go to the general.

    - select on Wi-Fi and further click on forget this network option.

    - after some time again try and connect Wi-Fi.

  • The other option to solve this issue is to fully reset the iphone. For doing this :

    - press and hold the power button of the iphone device and also the home button simultaneously for few seconds till the Apple logo gets displayed.

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