Is HP printer not printing properly after refill?

Does your HP printer not print correctly after replacing your printer's empty ink cartridge? Maybe you have refilled the empty cartridge yourself. Well, it happens when the printing machine doesn't recognize the cartridge or finds the cartridge empty. Your ink counter may read it as empty. We have come with a set of probable solutions. We would love to instruct you to try the given solutions one after another.

Reset Ink Cartridge Counter

Resetting the ink cartridge counter is a reliable solution for you if your printing machine is not recognizing the new ink cartridge or recognizes the ink counter as empty. You could do this by pressing and holding the CLEANING or LOAD/EJECT button. Instead of removing the cartridge from the printer, you need to lift the clamp securing the cartridge. Shut the clamp and press LOAD/EJECT again.

Run Extended Cleaning Cycle

Your ink may have started to dry out if the cartridge is in storage for a long time. In that situation, running an extended cleaning cycle could help you. Find the CLEANING button on your printer and press it for a few seconds. Dial HP printer support number and ask about the same if you are not clear about the steps required for running the extended cleaning cycle.

Remove Protective Tape

A significant number of ink cartridges come with a small strip of protective tape covers the print nozzle. It sometimes blocks the nozzle and prevents ink from leaking out during storage or shipping. So, you are suggested to remove this tape and allow the cartridge to print. However, the color of the tape depends on the model of the cartridge. Also remember, you are not supposed to remove any other stickers or labels on the cartridge. 

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