Obtain solution in case HP printer is not printing anything:

HP printer is now available with the Supreme latest features and products in order to perform printing task carefully. Meanwhile, in case someone is not able to print and having an error message, he is in a big trouble and to resolve such case a user is in the requirement of getting help from a skilled technician who fixes the issue at the right time.

 Don’t tolerate the issue and get in touch with tech support engineer who fixes the issue on the certain point of the time. To fix such issue follow the steps as listed below.

  • Turn on the printer and then connect it with the system.
  • Go to the start and then click on the control option and then select device and printing option.
  • Check out the printer is on or not and then click on the device if connected.
  • Go to the properties and then click on the text image button to check the printout.
  • If still having any issue, then go back to the desktop and then click on the start button.
  • Click on the run button and then type services.MSC and press enter button.
  • Go to the printer services and then click on the restart and reset button to start the printer.
  • Then follow the same procedure and then go to the printer properties to give a text command to print.
  • If it is printing then your mission succeeded now.

In the midst, if getting any other issue and looking for the solution, visit its sheer better HP printer customer service center that is available at the certain point of the time and provide the best information related to the tech support services all the times. 

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