How to fix the problem of the HP printer not connecting to WIFI?

Imagine a meeting is running, and you realize you have not printed your documents; you run toward the HP printer and find the HP printer not connecting to wifi. Thus, in such conditions, many people will indeed find ways to fix the issue and present all the sheets at the meeting table. So, take a look at the tips through which you can connect your printer with the Wifi; please delve into the discussion; 

Find methods to connect your HP printer with WIFI. 

You can jot down multiple tips to fix your HP Printer to your Wifi by following the procedures that are listed below; please take a look:

Verify the network connection. 

  • The primary instruction you must jot down is to verify the Internet connectivity and its availability to the printers. 
  • Ensure your printer is solid blue because if it's not, there may be a cause, and you have to restart it to fix it. 
  • Remember that not all WIFI bands (2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz) support HP printers; thus, you must connect 2.4 GHz to your printer. 
  • Ensure your Wi-Fi is not connected to the USB cable because if it's connected, you may not be able to connect to HP. 

Restart the device. 

  • Merely by restarting your device, you can reboot the system and fresh start the HP Printer. 
  • You must try to disconnect your printer from the WIFI and reconnect it. 
  • If you are able to connect your printer with WIFI through this, you are done; if not, you can troubleshoot it, and the issue of the HP printer not connecting to wifi will vanish. 

Restore the WIFI setup. 

  • If you are unable to find the WIFI signals in your HP printer, you can simply restore the wifi setup. 
  • You can find the option to “Restore Network Settings” either in the wireless WIFI or its settings from the browser. 
  • Once you complete it, you have to come back to your printer and reconnect it with the WIFI. 

Why isn’t your HP Printer printing even though it's connected to a WIFI?

Sometimes, the issue comes when you are somehow connected to the printer yet experience issues in printing; below are some of the reasons; please take a look:

  • No Internet connectivity— Even if you connected your WIFI to your HP printer if there is no Internet connection, you would still find the issue in printing it. 
  • Correct WIFI— If you are not connected to an appropriate WIFI, you can still go through such troubles that may hamper your print. 

How do you connect your HP Printer manually?

If you want to rectify the settings of your WIFI manually in your HP Printer, you can consider the following steps that are listed below; please take a look and understand:

  • Click on the WPS button on your printer and router in order to connect your printer to the local network. 
  • Click the WPS on your router to find out all the available networks or WIFIs. 
  • Push the WPS on your printer, and you will connect to the network.  

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