Step Wise Solution To Verify Youtube Account/Channel

Many users who have a YouTube account may not know that they are missing out on extra features that can enhance their experience and improve their channel. Many of these features, such as uploading a video that is longer than 15 minutes, content ID appeals, and live streaming, require users to verify their account. To learn how to verify your YouTube account, follow the instructions below.

How to Verify YouTube Account?

When you verify the YouTube account so you can do the following tasks and you will be able to use the following YouTube functionalities.

  1. Monetization
  2. Longer Videos
  3. External Annotations
  4. Custom Thumbnails
  5. Paid Content
  6. Content ID Appeals
  7. Unlisted and Private Videos
  8. Live Streaming
  9. Video Editor
  10. Fan Funding

Step 1 : Sing In with your Gmail account on YouTube. Click on this link ““. This link will help you to directly go to the My Channel> Video Manager> Channel Settings> Status and features. If you don’t Sign in with your Youtube account it will not show anything. Or follow this step. Click on My Channel then select Video Manager at the top of the screen.

YouTube Channel

Step 2 : Navigate to Channel settings then select Status and features. Now you will see the below screen which ask you to verify YouTube account. Click on Verify.

Verify YouTube Channel or Account

Step 3 : When you Confirme your account by phone lets you unlock additional features on YouTube, and help you make you are a real YouTuber, not a robot. Select your country then opt the delivery verification code. If you want to receive the code by call , select first option otherwise second option. Enter your Phone number as well. Finally, click on submit button at bottom left side.

Youtube Account verification

Step 4 : You will get a text message with 6 digit code enter these code in the verification area and enter submit button

YouTube Account verification

YouTube Channel verified

You Youtube account or channel has been verified now.

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