How to verify Microsoft account windows 10

How to Verify a New Microsoft Account Email Address When Create a One

Method 1 Step to verify new Microsoft account in account settings

  • .Sign in with your Microsoft account to a Windows 10
  • .Click from Start menu, click Settings, and then go to on the Accounts icon.
  • .Click on account on the left side, and click on the Verify link on the right side.
  • .If it prompts to enter the password for your Microsoft account, do as it require and click on OK.
  • .Select the way to get your security code for verification, and click on Next.
  • .Enter the code you received, and click on Submit.

Now you can see PC has now added a trusted device associated with your Microsoft account. Because you no longer have a Verify link under Manage my Microsoft account.

verify microsoft account

Method 2 Online Verify Microsoft Account

  • .To verify your device, click on Security & privacy, then click More security settings.
  • .Click Verify button, which is under Security info helps keep your account secure section.
  • .Enter the code you have received, click Verify.

enter-code to verify Microsoft account online

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