how to stop hp printer pop ups in windows 7

Follow these steps and stop hp printer pop ups in windows 7 !!

Many times the users gets annoyed because of HP pop ups that keeps on occurring while they are working on their Windows 7 computer. This issue has no become really common and more and more pop-ups gets on displaying.

To get the solution for it the users should just follow these give steps !

  • First of all the users need to sign in to their computer as an administrator account.
  • Then select on start and from there go to all programs option.

  • The users then need to select on HP and from there go to product assistant option.

  • Users will then see an option of preferences at the left side of the page. Users need to select on that.

  • In the preference menu select the basic settings option.

  • Now, go to the update interval option and select on disable solution updates and proceed further.

  • Users then are required to select on advanced settings option and from there click on the disable event menu.

  • This will stop all the HP printer pop ups that keeps appearing on Windows 7 computer.

So, whenever the users see that many HP pop ups is appearing in their Windows 7 computer then the should just follow the above mentioned steps. Further if the users face any difficulty in following these steps then they can directly contact on the hp printer customer service number and can talk with the customer service representatives who are available on the phone lines.

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