How to set up webmaster tools in google analytics

Do you track your site data with Google analytics? If yes then surely you must be aware of how it works and how it makes your tracking so easy. But have you ever thought of linking your Google analytics with Webmaster tools? Well if not then you have to think about it once because this can help you in linking your analytics profile with webmaster tools with the same Google account. This will help you access your analytics profile with tools and some analytic features.

Firstly before we get to the point and steps on How to set up webmaster tools in Google analytic you can also take help of Google webmaster support but before that let's learn what they are? And how they work?

Webmaster tools are the primary mechanism which helps you to spot the issues on your site and they can also spot if there is any infected malware on your site. Webmaster tools are easy to use and the prominent point about them is that they are totally free.

To get webmaster tools function you just need to create free GWT account and you can start using them for the betterment of your site.

Google Analytics is the free service offered by Google that helps you to keep a check on your site traffic.

Now just think about it once if you have both of them on your site how smooth your work will be even when you are paying no cost.

Usually, users are not aware of using the webmaster tools with Google analytics so, they do not know the benefit of using them together and how it can benefit them.

Here are some of the steps that can help you in setting up your webmaster tools you can ask help from Google webmaster tools support phone number but if you wish to resolve it yourself then here are the key steps for it.

•    Open the webmaster tools home page, then click manage in front of the site you want to be verified and then click Google analytic profile.

•    Now, just select the profile which is needed to be associated with you on the site.

•    After these two steps just click save as a final step and you are done with your setup.

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