How to send iMessages on IPhone or iPad

How do you send an iMessage instead of a text? on iPhone, iPad or Android OS

With iMessage you can send all kinds of messages to all kinds of people. You can send standard SMS/MMS (text/multimedia messages) to anyone, on any phone, and you can send data-based text, photo, video, and audio messages to anyone on any Apple device. You can also share your location immediately, or for a certain amount of time.

iMessage is the new messaging service that is built directly into iOS from versions 5 onward. It’s great because it allows you to send instant messages, text messages, pictures, video, contacts, and locations, across iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, even without an SMS or 3G plan. 

If you haven’t setup iMessage as part of iOS yet, you need to take a few minutes to do so. It’s really easy and well worth it, we’ll walk through the set up:

Send imessages by setting up in iOS

The set up process is quick and essentially the same on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch:

  • Tap on “Settings” and scroll to and tap on “Messages”
  • Flip the ON/OFF switch next to ‘iMessage’ so that it’s ON

Enable iMessage in iOS 5 on iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch







iMessage will attempt to automatically pull your phone number or Apple ID (or both for iPhone users).

You can edit these if you wish, or if you’re on an iPad or iPod touch you may need to enter an Apple ID manually. Do so by tapping into the appropriate places, your Apple ID is the same account you use to login to iTunes and the App Store. If you don’t have an Apple ID yet, you can just tap on “Create New Account” to make one.

You can also add additional email addresses for you to be reached at via iMessage, just tap on “Add Another Email…” and add the address manually:

Set up iMessage















How do I use iMessage? Where do I send an iMessage from?

If you just set up iMessage, you’re ready to use it, just tap on the familiar green “Messages” app, yes the same one you use to send SMS and MMS on the iPhone.

Here’s the important thing to remember, iMessage is seamless within the Messages appand works automatically as long as you are messaging another iOS 5 device, there isn’t a separate app or protocol to use, Apple figures it out for you. ( Ref by :

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