Google Maps Updated to Send Directions from Desktop to Your iPhone

Google Maps directions from a computer to your Android

Google Maps has become the omnipresent tool when you want to go from A to B or check out a place – you do not even need an internet connection to use it. Although Maps has become such a great tool to use on both desktop computers and smartphones, cross device functionality needed some work. Whenever you looked up directions on Google Maps on a computer, you had to do the exact same search a second time on your phone when you wanted to switch devices. Thats pretty unnecessary and time-wasting.

Google finally addressed this issue and came up with an update that allows you to send Google Maps directions or locations from a computer directly to your Android phone by clicking a button.

For this to work, you need to have the latest version of Google Maps installed (9.11.0) on your Android phone. You can check the installed version in the apps settings under “About, terms & privacy”. With the correct version on your phone, you should see the “Send to device” button under the location details in Google Maps.


Selecting “Send to device” brings up a selection of available and supported devices of yours. Here you can select the device you want to send the location to. After that, you should see a “Sent to <your device>” response.

Lets move on to your Android phone. You should see a Google Maps notification with the locations name, address and the option to either launch Maps with the directions or go directly to Maps turn-by-turn navigation feature. The latter can be very handy when you check an address on your computer, send it to your phone and hop into your car.

Using the new “Send to device” feature does not limited you from using any other options Maps offer. Once you sent a location to your Android device and open it, you can basically do everything you want like checking public transport time tables or the website of the establishment you looked up.

In case you need to latest update of Google Maps, you can use the link below to get to the Play Store.

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