How To Set/Reset Master Password In Mozilla Firefox


Tips to Set/Reset Master Password In Mozilla Firefox

Setting Master Password In Mozilla Firefox

Setting Master Password in Mozilla Firefox is a game of few clicks and you are secured. Just follow the steps below.

  • Update your Mozilla Firefox web browser to the latest, before proceeding.

click options

  • Click the icon(as shown in figure) situated at the far right. Move down to Options.

check use master password undersecurity tab

  • Under the Security tab, check, Use a master password.

set master password in mozilla firefox

  • A new Window will pop-up prompting you for a new master password. Set a strong one, but do remember or note it down somewhere safe. Press OK, to finalize it.

master password successfully changed

Voila, thats it. From now on, you will have to feed in the master password to have a look at the stored login credentials. Unlike Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox does not use the Windows account password for manage the security system in their Password Manager.

We are done setting the Master Password for Mozilla Firefox easily, its even easier to forget it. But again, we have got you covered. But before, I have an important announcement to make.

Warning: Resetting your master password will remove all of your saved usernames and passwords.

Resetting Master Password In Mozilla Firefox

To reset the master password, copy and paste this in the Mozilla Firefox address bar.


** Dont be confused with the term chrome. It is written correctly.

Now, press the Enter key from your keyboard.

reset master password window

The Reset Master Password Page will appear. One click on Reset button will reset your master password.

master password has been reset mozilla firefox

The warning notice above may seem weird to many, but upon resetting the master password, your naked (PLAIN TEXT) log-in credentials to an unauthorized user is weirder.

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