how to reset mac to factory settings

Mac is basically an updated operating software and has solved several issues associated to operating software.It has been designed according to the current requirements of the users.Tasks that were taking too much time earlier,got completed easily through using this software.It is smarter and quicker as comparison to others.One may download and share the important and huge files.Even there is assurance to get full security and safety.But whenever there would be some serious problem,users are required to connect with support team immediately.To connect with the mac customer support team,users are required to dial customer service number.

There are number of problems which has been solved by customer support team.Here,individual may see the resolution for one:

How to reset Mac to factory settings?

  • Users are just required to assure that they are connected to the internet or not for downloading the latest Mac operating system
  • Individual may now use the app like “SuperDuper” or the “Carbon Copy Cloner” for the cloning of internal hard drive into external hard drive
  • Also,there is need to deauthorize the iTunes store account
  • There is need to turn off FileVault,if they are using
  • Sign out from the “iCloud” and disable it
  • It is now required to restart the Mac operating system in the recovery mode.There is need to hold down the command and R key during restart
  • Users should now use the “Disk Utility” to erase the hard drive
  • Tap “Reinstall OS” and should “Continue”
  • Follow the further instructions to reinstall Mac operating system

There may be some Mac users who still not satisfied from the solution of the above issue,they need to connect with support team immediately.Tech support team will try to understand every requirements,that has been demanded by the users.Expert will first try to understand the complete matter,which is interrupting user to overcome by problem.Technician will take the control of the user’s system by the use of remote desktop assistance.While taking help from the live technician,if the problem will get resolve,there is need to pay certain amount of fee.

Mac users could also see the online discussions and tutorials that are available online.These will help individuals a lot in resolving the technical hassles.It is available in free and even accessed online by using internet.  

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