How to reduce gmail storage on iphone

There are several iPhone users, there is enough space to store lots of data . As there are so many apps, photos, songs, and games on everybody’s phone, generally the storage space get fill.For such situations,there is need to free up the space.If an individual can do it,then there will not be any problem.But whenever users need help for it,they are required to connect with the support team.Tech support team will provide assistance in all the possible ways.Multiple bugs are there,which has been solved through the effort of the tech support team of Gmail.

Here one could see the resolution for one:-

  • What is the method to reduce Gmail storage on iPhone?
  • It is first  required to tap the “Settings” from the home screen
  • Users should now tap the option for Mail,Contacts and Calendar”
  • Individual should now tap the option for “Gmail” account,whose settings should be changed
  • However,there is need to click the option for “Account”
  • Now,tap the option for “Advanced”

There is now need to click the option for “Delete messages” menu
From there,it is required to select the option for “After one day”
After doing this,the email that has been marked to be deleted,will automatically remove from the iPhone device
There are some users,who still need help for the above solved problem.In such conditions,there is need to connect with the support team immediately.Tech support team will first try to understand the user's problem and then suggest  users with proper solution.To contact the support team,there is required to dial the Gmail tech support number.This help number will connect the users to the live technicians.

  • What is the benefit of contacting the tech support team of Gmail?
  • Solution at the cheaper and cost effective price
  • Assistance from the certified engineers in all possible ways
  • Remote desktop technique to assist the users
  • Even the account blocked issue could be recovered
  • Hacked account problem will also get solve frequently
  • Verification issue get solve easily
  • Email application maintenance problem will get solve easily

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