How to make gmail load faster

These are the following steps to do this process:

1.Use Less or no Gmail Lab Features

Open Gmail Settings option >Labs select disable from the listed enabled lab tools

2. Disable Gmail Themes

Open Gmail Settings options>Theme Select default color theme( Light Color)

3.Gmail Chat Features Turn Off

Open Gmail Setting option>choose chat off section

4.Clear your browser cache

Delete of clear your temp internet files, cookies.

5.Disbale browser extension which you do not use

That extension and plugin make gmail slow which you do not use so disable to delete that extension from your browser

6.Try to work in Basic Html not necessary

Switch gmail to basic html mode

7.Disbale Web clips

Go to the settiog option >web clips uncheck there webclick option above the inbox

8.Load Gmail Without browser checking module

gmail check browser compatibility before loading, skip it by using

9.Disbale People widget in gmail

Open the gmail setting option>themes choose default color theme

10.Don't display external content in mails automatically

open the gmail setting option>general>under external content, choose the option marked ask before displaying external content.

11.Lower the number of email messages displayed per page 

open the gmail setting option>general>under maximum page size, select 25 or less conversation per page.

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