How to link facebook page to twitter and instagram

Fb is basically one of the trending social media apps for the users nowadays which is used by the users for communicating with the collegues and friends or the family members who are miles away from each other.Now the trend of the social media app is not only limited to facebook, instead many other social media apps are also introduced in the market like instagram, twitter etc.

And in case you do not want to create a separate account for all the apps instead you want to link all other apps with the facebook profile then the process for doing so is explained below:-

  • for linking twitter to fb you need to fist of all open your twitter account

  • then visit the settings option

  • there you will find an option saying connect to facebook,

  • in case your fb account is not login then it will ask you to enter the fb credentials

  • after entering those click login, followed by pressing ok button when asked about the information sharing on fb

  • and now your tweets and retweets would be posted to fb wall as well.

  • Incase you want to link instagram then open fb account

  • go to settings followed by clicking on instagram adds

  • and then click on add an account and you are done

In case of any kind of trouble, feel free to contact the respective support team.

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