How to fix unfortunately google play store has stopped

You must have tried opening Google Play in your device but it may be showing you the message “Unfortunately, Google Play Store has stopped”. There are different kinds of ways or techniques through which troubleshooting of such issues can be easily done. Some of the ways for the same is mentioned or jotted down below.

Check for updates – Some sort of update may be available in your device as a result of which the play service may have stopped suddenly. Instantly look for updates and if found then immediately update the same to the latest edition to resolve the issue.

Clear cache of the play service – Too much of accumulation of cache can also prevent the play service from opening. Simply clear the cache and try accessing the Google Play store. Things will work for some of the users.

Check the internet connection – In order to access the services of Google Play it is necessary that you have a sound internet connection. It may be that you may have forgotten to turn ON the data pack. So immediately check the internet connection to enjoy uninterrupted services.

Format the device – If none of the things are working for the users then the last option for the users would be to format the device as some sort of malicious species may be preventing things to happen. Things would definitely work then for the users on an instant basis.

Expert’s opinion available from Google Support Phone Number

Users who are not technically fit are advised not to follow any of the above mentioned things as trying the above mentioned things may ruin the things more. The best advice in such case would be to consult the certified technicians by dialing the Google Support Phone Number. They are the persons who can offer all the necessary guidance right from the top to the bottom. All they need to do in order to fix the issue is quickly remote access the users issue and find the root cause of the issue and then take immediate or necessary action to fix the issue.

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