How To Fix Google Play Store Error Rpc

Play Store Error RPC In Google Play Fix It Now

We all know that we can face various errors about our Android smartphone. If the problem is related to google play store then it is quite difficult to tackle as the app which aids downloading new apps for your smartphone is itself in trouble. So today we are not going to talk about the traditional play store errors, but we are going to talk about a very unique error which is Google Play Store Error RPC.

The RPC error occurs when Google Play Store is unable to fetch information from the server directly. So thats why it a very unique error which is not frequently discussed on the internet as compared to other google play store errors.

After doing some research it is discovered that this error is due to outdated Version of Google Play Services. As it is not possible to updated google play services from play store as it is already not responding when this error occurs. So follow the given methods to get this error solved.

Install Google Play Services Outside Google Play Store

Yes! it is possible to install google play services outside google play store. You can download it from here. After downloading the application in your android you have to install by taping on it. If some prompt related to Unknown Sources occurs then follow the given steps and try installing again!

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Tap on Security from the given options
  3. Scroll down to Unknown sources and enable this

Now try installing again Google play services if it was not installed previously, it might get installed this this time surely.

Clear Cache and Data of Google Play Store

Now you all have to do it to clear cache and data of google play store application in your Android Smartphone. Well, if you do not know how to clear data and cache of play store you can go through the following guide to do that.

Finally Reboot you Android Smartphone to Solve RPC Error!

Now as you have cleared the data and cache from the play store all you have to do is to restart you device. After restarting again upload or download anything from Google Play Store, the error might have gone for now. If you still face this issue you might restart your phone in recovery mode and again do the above step of Clearing Cache and Data of Play Store app you might get it solved this time.

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