How Ti Fix Google Play Android Error $91

How to fix error code 491 on google play

This usually happens when users try to update or download an app or a game. Thankfully though, there is a way to get rid of this error message so that you can once again start using your phone the way it was meant to be used.  

Follow these easy steps to fix error code 491 on your android smartphone.

  1. From your apps folder open the accounts tab.
  2. Tap the accounts and click the Google account.
  3. Delete the account.
  4. Reboot the your device.
  5. As soon as your phone is done rebooting head back to where you deleted the Google account and re-add it.
  6. If this helped you why not 

That should take care of your Google play store error 491. Why not head on over to the Play store to check that it now works.

The ability to download apps, games and widgets is one of the main things that sets smartphones of today apart from the phones we had not that many years ago. I think this is why we get so frustrated when we can not download or update our favorite apps. Hopefully though, if you followed this tutorial you will no longer have this problem.

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