How to fix Google play not downloading Issue

Google play not downloading apps

Apps has radically transformed our digital world. These days we can live without a moment without Apps based service. App plays a critical role in the expansion of Internet based services. The exponential boom in the e-commerce sector can be attributed mainly due to the app based economy. These days there are million of apps in the world serving the different needs of the customer. In order to help the customer and app users there are plenty of companies which has created app stores, where user can download their favourite apps in no time. One such big name in app stores business is Google Play.

Google play is one of the leading names in the app stores business. It is the subsidiary of one of the world biggest giant in Internet search engine i.e Google. It’s reach and diversity can be attributed from the fact that it has more than 3 millions apps in their stores ranging from different field and services.  It’s such volume of apps is a clear testimony of the fact that company core focus to serve every customer needs. In order to use the services of App on Google store, user needs to login through the Google account. But sometimes user does face critical issue while working on it, one of the common issue user faces is regarding Google play not downloading apps. User can take the assistance from the technical support or follows these simple procedures :

  • First of all, check whether you have a proper internet connection or not.

  • If there is a proper internet, then check it’s downloading speeding.

  • Then go to the settings and then check whether date and time are properly configured or not.

  • If it’s ok then alright, otherwise change the date and time according to the settings.

  • Again, make sure to clear the history and the cache of their website.

  • In order to do so, go to the settings and then App Manager and again App. then clear all the history.

  • And restart the phone in order to fix the problem.

How to update Google play app

In case, even after following these steps, user faces any problem regarding downloading or any issue while using the services, how to update Google play app services. In order to do so, User needs to follow these simple procedures :

  • Open your phone and then go to the Google search in the internet options.

  • Afterwards, type the Google play services and search it.

  • Again the user will soon find the Google play service in the list and click on the it.

  • Again, in case, if the current version of google play is older then there will be a latest available to your device.

  • Click on the Update option and your playstore will be updated.

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