How to fix gmail settings are out of date

Gmail users are often entangled into one issue or the other while using their Gmail account. However a perfect resolution for every Gmail technical glitch is available if you have a proper knowledge of fixing these problems. Apart from the common Gmail issues such as password related issues, IMAP issues and so on, the users tend to get engulfed into Gmail settings out of date issues which many user might be affected with while utilising their email account. If you are likely to contact Gmail customer service for the quick removal of this issue, then think again and follow the steps mentioned above:-

  • First select Settings and then Manage Accounts

  • After that select the account which is out of date in order to display the dialog of account settings

  • Now you need to select Change mailbox sync settings and then Advanced mailbox settings

  • After that you need to scroll down the dialog in order to view Advanced mailbox settings

  • Now check the box named Require SSL for incoming email and then Require SSL for outgoing email and the select Done and then Save

Gmail settings out of date glitches can be easily fixed if you follow the steps mentioned above. However if you are the one who is still not able to grasp the above useful information, then you are not able to be disheartened as the team of technical engineers can be easily contacted in such cases. These situations are very tough and the users can’t solve these issues on their own. So they are inclined to use the services of these tech experts. Hence if you really like to get top rated support against your issues, then do not wait and call Gmail customer service toll free number directly.

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