How to enable administrator account in windows 8 without log on

If the users any time wants to enable their administrator account in their Windows 8 operating system without even getting sign in then they can simply do it by just following these steps that are made for it. The users should keep in mind that they need to follow these steps correctly so that no further issue is created because of these steps.

  • First of all the users need to boot from the Windows 8 boot media.
  • This will enable the Windows 8 set up to get started.

  • Once this is started select on shift and F10 simultaneously.

  • The users then need to type copy /y d:\windows\system32\cmd.exe

  • after doing this the users need to remove the boot media and then again restart the Windows 8.

  • this will open the login screen.

  • Users then are required to select on shift key simultaneously 5 times till the command prompt window gets displayed.

  • Then enter net user administrator/active yes.

  • By doing this the built in administrator account will be hence be enabled.

  • Users will then see the administrator account and from there they can log in without having any password.

Hence, these are the steps that the users need to follow if they want to enable the administrator account in Windows 8 without getting log in. further if the users want to know more about it then they can simply call on the windows 8 customer service number and can easily talk with the customer representatives available on the phone lines.

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