Disable & Enable Seen Notification In Google Hangouts

Google has included a “seen” notification on its Hangout app. But not like other application, in Google Hangouts you can easily enable and disable it. When this feature is enabled and you read the message, the sender will see a “seen” report on his phone so he will know that you have read the message.

Google might be strict in some cases and when it comes to its apps it does the best to satisfy its customers. Even in this case, in Google Hangouts it has included the “seen” feature, but it also allows you to disable this report.

The “seen” report is enabled by default, because Google intends to prevent us from ignoring people. But also if you are annoyed too much by some persons and don’t want to let them know that you have read the message, you can easily disable the “seen” report.

Chrome app, extension, Android app and the Gmail Hangouts interface has received the update. Now you can easy disable the “seen” notification on your Android device, in Google Chrome and Gmail Hangout Interface. Without further ado let’s jump into the guide how to enable and disable “seen” report in Google Hangouts.

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How to disable & enale “seen” notification in Google Hangouts

  • Chrome – Hangout Extension and App

Next to the search bar in the top of the conversation, click the little drop-down arrow to open the settings screen. Scroll down past the “Set your mood for today” button and you will see “Show my Hangouts contacts when I was last seen on Hangouts ….”. Enable and disable it depending on your choice.

  • Android App – Google Hangouts

Launch the Hangouts app in your Android device and then open the navigation drawer to visit the app’s settings. Select your account and once you are in settings you will see “Show my last seen”. Enable or disable it on your choice. If you have configured more than one account you have to disable the “seen” notification for each account separately.

Note: The seen notification is Hangout app for Android was added in version 2.5

  • Gmail Hangout Interface

The “seen” notification is enabled in Gmail web interface as well as in Chrome extension or in Android app. To disable it, click the drop-down arrow next to user photo. Scroll down past the “Set your mood for today” option to find “Show my Hangouts contacts when I was last seen on Hangouts …” Option that you get with the app and the extension.

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