How to change apple admin password

Do you own a Mac Computer or planning to buy one. Apple is one of the leading computer and smartphone making companies in the world as well as top name in tech industry . It's, creative design, cool features and high quality user interface make it as customer unique choice as well as excellent guidance from their customer support in case of any help is the prime reason behind the its popularity and its brand recognition among the customers. But User do face technical difficulties, one of them is regarding how to change apple admin password. One can take the help of their team but Some of the common procedure to change apple admin password :

  • First of all open your apple phone or mac computer.

  • Log with the username and password to a user which has same privillage that of an administrator.

  • Then go to the system preferences of the mac computer, then click on the user and groups.

  • Click on the lock button, then further enter the admin name and password again.

  • Select the admin username whose password you want to change.

  • Click on the Reset password button. Then follow the onscreen instruction to create a new password for them.

  • Choose log out from the menu.

  • Now try to login with the admin account, which password you change.

  • Create a new login key-chain.

Even after that if you could not able to solve the problems regarding admin password change with the following procedure, then Contact their technical support team . Apple has some wonderful top tech expert which are well versed in the respective domain with tons of experience. Their 24*7 expert team will help you to solve the issue at the minimal time.

Source : I you want to know about apple customer service information you may <-cick here. 

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