How to Book a Flight on Lufthansa for Your Pet

Deutsche Lufthansa is the German airlines which has been serving the flight facility since many years. One can easily book there flight tickets and can avail the facility while travelling.

How to book flight ticket in Lufthansa airlines for you pet ?

Suppose if any one is planning to travel with the pet then one should know the flying details and policy which are meant for the passengers while they are carrying there pet along with them.

Lufthansa airlines allows the pet either in the cabin or in the cargo section, along with the passengers those who ever is carrying them. But the pet cannot be kept in the cargo space because it is being treated as the living being. But the size and weight of the pet should be according to there policy mentioned over the internet in there official site.

Passenger can keep there required pet at the bottom of there seat and hence can see them on the regular basis so that no harm could be faced by the pet. And for more detail just contact to Lufthansa reservation phone number’. 

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