how google wallet works technically

Everything you need to know about the working of Google Wallet

Do you own a Google wallet? In case your answer is no, then we want to let you know that you should definitely own the one. Well, now you might be asking why so? So, we want to let you know that this amazing payment platform for smartphones has revolutionized the lives of a large number of users. Now, you would be tempted to know how it works technically. So, here's the working of this wallet given below.

  1. It is an open platform for all the users which is embedded with a near-field communications chip.
  2. The users can use their credit cards and other cards without having the need to swipe their card actually.
  3. Along with that, the users would be able to complete their online transactions just with the help of a single tap. You can think of it as a simple swiping of your credit card.
  4. Moreover, while firstly using this wallet, you have to activate your credit card. The users can do it by simply entering their personal information like their account number, type of card, along with some other relevant information asked on the screen.

So, we hope that you might be satisfied with the information provided in this article about the working of the Google wallet. In case, if you are not, then don't worry because the Google Support Team is always there for you.

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