How do i stop spam emails in gmail?

How to stop spam emails in Gmail?

Most of the times your Gmail account is full up by lots of spam mails which become irritates for you. These spam emails easily control by the Gmail filters. But sometimes these filters does not look effective to control these spam mails. In this article, you will learn about the ways to stop spam mails in Gmail which are given below:

Block a particular Gmail sender

·       First of all, open your web browser and go to the official website of Gmail.

·       Log in to your Gmail account by entering your email ID and password.

·       Open your Gmail message in the inbox and then click on the down arrow which is available at the sender’s name.

·       Now click on the Block from the drop-down menu.

·       After that, click on the Block tab to confirm.

Organize your Gmail with Labels

·       Log in to your Gmail account.

·       Go to the Settings and then click on Labels.

·       Now click on the Create New Label.

·       After that, you can create a label for your email messages into three category like Primary, Social and Promotion.

After applying the above methods, you can easily stop spam emails in your Gmail account.

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