How do I move emails to a folder in Gmail

Gmail is freely available software on the Google.It is an email service provider.It is designed by Google for sending and receiving mail.When you use Gmail then you do not need to worry about storage it provides unlimited space of memory. If you have any Gmail account then you can also use Google related services there is no need to create another Google account.

If you want to move emails to new folder in Gmail then you need to do following steps:

  • First you have to open Gmail.

  • Now you have to go in the search box and you need to click down arrow

  • You will have to enter search criteria

  • You have to scroll down then you need to click on the “Create filter with this search”.

  • Now you have to click create filter ten you need to click on the check box next to the email what you want

  • Then you need to click more and then filter messages like these.

  • Now you have o enter your filter criteria.

  • If you want to edit or delete this folder then go to the top right window and click on settings

  • Then you need to click filter and blocked addresses.

  • Finally you have to click on delete button and then click on the update folder.

By the use of above steps you can easily move your email in the new create folder but still if you are getting any issue then you can contact to gmail technical support .Gmail provides highly efficient technician for resolving your query.they will provide you an optimal solution regarding any Gmail issue.

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