How do I fix my Internet connection problems?

Internet is one of the basic need of every computer and smart phone user. Technology has been increased so far that almost everything is possible in one click and that one click require internet connection. Searching, downloading or uploading everything requires a fast internet connection. Internet connection can be received as wireless or wired. The requirement is the connection should be fast and consistent. Many times, the connection get interrupted. User finds that internet is slow or not even connected. There can be many reasons for Why the Internet is not working?. Few possible reasons and the required solutions are :

  • If you find that there is some problem with internet, just open the run command on the console and write the ping command along with the web site you want to access. If the screen shows some data then that connection is there.
  • Check the modem, weather the DSL light is blinking or not.
  • Power off the modem for one minute and switch it on again and check.
  • Check the cables if they are misplaced or not connected.
  • Check in another device , weather the problem is with the browser or not. If it is with the browser, try clearing the cache and history.
  • Remove and reinstall the latest version of browser.
  • Check weather the antivirus is supporting the browser or not.

If still user finds that internet is not working then he can contact at the ISP or to the technical support of the company from which he has taken the internet connection. 

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