Change Your PayPal Account Password Make It Strong

PayPal is a tool that manages your financial information when you shop or transfer money online, so you do not have to give it to every website that requires you to pay money for something. While this increases your online security and privacy a bit, it still makes you vulnerable if your PayPal account itself is not well protected. If you need to give your PayPal account a stronger password — or at least a fresh one — here is what to do.

The method for changing your PayPal password varies somewhat depending on whether you know your existing password. If you know your password, log in to your account and change it through the Profile screen. If you do not know it or the email address associated with your account, use PayPal account reset tools.

To change your PayPal account password:

  1. Go to and log in.
  2. Click the gear icon to access your PayPal profile and settings.
  3. Click the Security tab, and then click Edit beside “Password”.
  4. Type in your current password, a new password, and a copy of your new password, and then click Change Password.

It’s not all that hard to do, but all the same, we will show you what the process looks like in action below.

Detailed instructions for changing your PayPal password

1. Go to PayPal and sign in.

2. Access your PayPal account profile and settings.

Click the gear icon in the top-right corner of your main PayPal screen to access your PayPal profile and settings.

3. Access your “Security” settings, and submit a request to edit your password.

Once you’re on your PayPal settings page, click the Security tab, and then click Edit beside where it says “Password”.

4. Enter your current password, choose a new password, provide a copy of your new password, and confirm the password change.

Click in the box that says “Current Password” and type in the password that you are currently using to protect your PayPal account.  Then, click in the box labelled “New Password” and type in the password that you want to use to protect your PayPal account from now on.  Then click in the box labelled “Confirm New Password” and type in a copy of the password that you just picked.  Finish up by clicking Change Password.

That’s how to give your PayPal account a new password if you are already able to log into your PayPal account.  If you can not get into your account because you have forgotten your password,.

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