Google Play Unable To Complete Transaction

Many a times the Google play users gets stuck and complaints that their Google play was unable to complete the transaction. This issue can be occurred because of various reasons such as internet problems, issues in the card from which the payment has to be done and many more.

So, if anytime the users face this issue then, they should just follow the steps for its solution. The troubleshooting steps for this should be undertaken by the users very carefully so that they can easily get the issue solved and can pay without any errors for the Google play services.

Mentioned below are the steps to solve this above mentioned issue :

  • first of all the users are required to try for an another payment method other than the one from which they are processing their transaction.
  • The users should also check whether their card details have been updated on Google payments or not as many times because of this also the transactions doesn’t get completed.

  • If still the users are facing issue in completing their transaction then they should remove the payment method and after some time should again add it.

  • Users should also remove and clear the caches and cookies from the browser on which they are working.

  • The Google play should also be forced stop by the users and should again started.

  • If these methods still not solve the issue then the users should directly contact their bank for more information.

Besides, the Google play customer service team members can also be contacted by the users in case of any issue while processing these steps mentioned above. They can be contacted at any time of the day as the service is open for 24/7 and 365 days.

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