Gmail inbox notifications not working

Many active users of Gmail have reported that their inbox notification is not working creating a chaos amongst users. Everytime they have to manually refresh their inbox thus Gmail inbox notifications not working has created an alarming situation while dealing with priority emails. In order to retrieve their emails they have to spend time, data as well as battery life thus creating things unnecessarily complex.  Users are using support forums to report their issue requesting to fix the bug or procedure to re-establish auto sync feature. Experts provided them certain method statements to fix the Gmail inbox notificationfor e.g.

  • Turn off optimization of inbox under system settings>battery
  • Clear app data and cache of inbox app
  • Updating to android 7
  • Auto-sync and confirm notification under settings must be tuned on
  • Rebooting the device
  • Generating bug reports using test emails
  • Uninstalling and re-installingetc

Support forums are flooded with various instruction and many users have tested those instructions but problem still remains as Gmail inbox notification is not working for them. Though there were handful of users claiming that they were successful in resolving the issue. Google is working on this issue and will launch an update with bug fix soon you can also contact on gmail customer service number for online help.

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