Gmail Android App Not Sending Email Lets Fix It Now


Gmail is one of the best services that are introduced by Google. Plenty number of users are using Gmail service to send an email to another one which has an email account. In this era, Android phones have become a part of life. Users are generally using their mobile phone to send an email by using the Gmail application that is already installed on phone. Sometimes, the users may face the issue such as "Gmail Android App Not Sending email".  This issue is too irritating.  So, when the users face such type of problem, they need experts help to fix it. So, if you are facing the same problem, then you should take comprehensive guidance. Then here, we are going to give you the some very steps by which you can easily fix this issue within seconds.

How To Fix Issue "Gmail Android App Not Sending Email"?

  • First, open your Android device.
  • Go into “Settings”, then “Applications” and then “Manage Applications” option.
  • Find Gmail in the list of applications. If Gmail is not seeing in the list, so you may have to press the “All” tab at the top.
  • Now you have to clear the applications “Cache and Data”.
  • Now you’ll have to relaunch Gmail and manually re-sync your accounts.
  • After that, the issue will be solved.

Now you should open the Android App and continuing the tasks.

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