Facebook news feed not updating

Facebook has become the most popular platform among thousands of users on an iOS device, Android, or your PC. The news feed is the constantly updating list of stories within the middle of your Facebook homepage. The Facebook news feed not updating issues are like slow internet connection, incorrect date and time, wrong preferences, or it can be like down Facebook server, etc. 

If you cannot conveniently operate a Facebook news feed on an Android device, you must know about the procedure that will help you get through with convenience. Below are the ways that will help you resolve your query of Facebook news feed on your device.

Facebook news feed not updating on Android

Check your news feed preferences: Facebook platform permits its users to set preferences accordingly. But to know about the steps for Facebook news feed not updating on Android and get appropriate help. Then go via these points as mentioned below.

  • First off, open your web browser page and access your Facebook account
  • Then after this, click on see more from the side three horizontal menu
  • Herein, click on the most recent option view the latest posts on your newsfeed
  • After that, click on the accounts button from the top right corner 
  • Next, click on settings and privacy and then click on newsfeed preferences according to your comfort.

Re-login to your account: in some cases, you may face a temporary error that may have occurred to your account. Then in such a scenario, you will follow these given steps for getting solutions with a news feed on your Facebook account.

  • At first, on your device, open up the Facebook app from your home screen
  • Then after that, tap over the menu icon
  • Next, scroll down and then click on the logout button
  • Finally, enter your username and password and click on the login button to re-access your account.

Check out your Facebook date and time settings: If your Facebook date and time settings don't match your location's current date and time, the news feed will not work correctly.

  • Firstly, open your android device, then tap over the settings tab to get it launched
  • Then, inside the settings, scroll down and tap on the general management option
  • Next tap over date and time 
  • Then, at last, turn on automatic date and time
  • At last, your android device will be set with the accurate and current date and time.

Clear Browser Cache and Cookies: To fix your news feed on Facebook, you must clear all cookies and cache from your current web browser page.

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