Can I speak to someone at Norton?

Norton Antivirus services provide highly rated digital security and software protection facilities. Customers buy the premium subscription according to their requirements and budget. To make it available for every user, Norton services are set into 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, and 1 year subscriptions. To get regular feedback and handle complaints, Norton has a customer support team that deals with customers through phone calls, live chat, and email. The answer to: Can I speak to someone at Norton? Yes, you can speak. Check how:-

Call:- A live representative of the Norton services may come in contact with you through the Norton phone number 1 855 815 2726. See the essential instructions for the call:-

  • On the call, first, you will select a particular language.
  • Then listen to the IVR and remember the words.
  • Press the specific digit that will lead your call to the respective service.
  • Link your call with the live person from the Norton support team.
  • The person will help you with every doubt and query.

Chat:- Norton services can also be obtained through a live chat facility; this facility came into force to provide you with a nonverbal mode of communication. To avail of this, you need to see the following points:-

  • Hang on to the official webpage of Norton.
  • If you have or continue as a guest, log in to your Norton account.
  • Click on the “support” icon from the options menu and reach the contact page.
  • Tap on the “Chat now” option and fill a form with columns asking for First & Last name, email addresses, phone number, and topic of issue.
  • Submit it, and a virtual assistant will get connected to you.

How do I contact Norton to cancel my subscription?

If you have a subscription to Norton, either monthly or yearly, you may choose an option of automatic renewal through which your services will not be discontinued if you forget to pay the amount. But if you want help from the helpline team for canceling the subscription, then you can access the phone call and chat facility that is discussed. Also, you may reach the Norton support team through social media portals. Check the procedure:-

Social Media:- If you have a social account on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, you may also get connected with Norton from this medium. Also, you can go through these steps for more details:-

  • Log in to your account and land on the home page. 
  • Click on the search icon and type “Norton”. You will get the official page; open it.
  • Tap on the “message” icon and insert all your queries related to canceling the subscription of Norton.
  • You will get instant replies and complete assistance from the social media team. 
  • This procedure remains identical for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Now, your doubt: Can I speak to someone at Norton? is clear. But you should also know that you can cancel the subscription online by yourself. Get the steps of the online procedure:-

  • Visit the Norton website from your browser.
  • Log in to the service through the credentials of your Norton account.
  • Click on your profile and get other options.
  • Tap on the “subscriptions,” and your already activated services appear.
  • Select the one that you wish to cancel.
  • Turn off the “auto renewal” option and continue.
  • If you do not pay for the monthly service for the next 3 days, it will get automatically canceled.
  • And, You will not pay for 14 days for yearly service, then it also gets discontinued.

Now, assume you are a technology user or a person who is working on heavy servers and software. In that case, you need antivirus security because it will prevent your PC from hazardous viruses on the web.

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