ATT email not working in Outlook

ATT is a famous email service that provides customers with excellent, high-tech functions and many other features. AT&T has a considerable number of users worldwide. The email service has the best services and ensures the privacy and security of the people. The users choose AT&T support for their professional services and security. But like every software, AT&T also sometimes faces bugs and stops working. If you face any such issue in which ATT email not working in Outlook, in that case, you are required to follow the tips given in this article as follows.

Effective ways to fix AT&T not working with outlook

  • Configure the Setting Properly- There are higher chances that your mail is not working because there is an issue in the software settings. Any wrong and incorrect information in the setting can cause an issue in the software. So, before looking for the fault somewhere else, it is necessary to check the mail settings first.
    • Open Microsoft Outlook and select the ‘File’ tab to get onto the ‘Account settings’ in the information category.
    • Choose the option of email from the ‘New’ section.
    • Once getting onto the email option, switch on the ‘server setting’ and proceed further by clicking on ‘Next.’
    • After proceeding further, you can select the option of ‘Internet Email Addresses”.
    • Again click on the ‘Next’ option in order to get the given data in the using Data field.
    • Enter the full name and the email address of the AT&T users.
    • Follow the on-screen process to enter the other given information and type of accounts and settings. 
    • Once all the details are complete in your setting, log in to your account using your given credentials.
  • Check the Anti-virus software- Sometimes, it is n necessary to check your third-party software or the firewall settings with the window. Because there is a possibility that the anti-virus software may interfere with the other software o the email account. So you are required to go to your window firewall setting and disable the third-party anti-virus program. If disabling the app still doesn't help you, try uninstalling the programs, and if they come out to be the case behind your att email not working in outlook, then simply switch your anti-virus program.
  • Use IMAP instead of POP account- IMAP is known to be a more secure, effective, and advanced account in comparison to the POP account. This is the only reason it’s advisable for people to use an IMAP account to sense your AT&T account across the device and to configure the account to take the necessary steps of AT&T email account settings of outlook. The IMAP account will give you better accessibility to your email, and any issue with the att email not working in outlook can be deducted and solved quickly.
  • Remove and add your email profile again- You can also try removing your account and then adding it again, as sometimes the basic hacks work out just fine.
    • Get onto Outlook and open the file option from the software.
    • From the file section, select the option of ‘Account settings.’
    • Select the option of ‘Account settings’ and further select the ‘Manage Profile' option.
    • After getting onto the option of ‘Manage Profile,’ select ‘Show Profile.’
    • You are required to make the selection of your account to get your account removed.
    • Now you are required to follow the basic steps given to log in to your account and to see if your att email is working in outlook or not.
  • Start Outlook in Safe mode- If you figure out that some extensions are interfering with your outlook email in that case you should try and start your email in the ‘Safe Mode’ to avoid any further interference and to start your email safe mode these two steps are required to be followed.
    •  Press the Window plus R shortcut key to open the ‘Run Dialog Box.’ In the box that pops up, type outlook/safe mode and clicks ‘ ok’ to proceed.
    • Once the process given in the first step is completed, you have to follow click on the ‘Continue option that appears on the next window to open the AT&T email in safe mode finally.

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