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How to change incorrect information on Google?

Posted By:mike carry

You may have a business listing with Google and it may be showing some incorrect information or the information which you may not want to get it displayed. There is an effective procedure through which users can resolve such issue of theirs. All they need to do is move down the tutorial and follow the step by step procedure so that they can get one stop solution for the underlying issue or error.

Steps to change incorrect information on Google:

Step 1: Firstly login to Google My Business with the desired account username and password through which your listing is listed.

Step 2: Next users need to ensure that they are using a card view and if not then immediately switch to the same.

Step 3: Users can now choose or edit the information that they would like to manage and then they can simply click on Info from the menu as shown on the screen.

Step 4: Users can now move to the section in a one by one manner and edit or change the information with the new information. In case you are willing to remove some information of yours then simply click on X button.

Step 5: Finally after having made all the changes users can click on Apply in order to ensure that the changes that you have made have been effectively saved.

Are you unable to change incorrect information on Google?

It may be that you may not be able to change the information by following the above mentioned steps or you may have just got stuck in the middle when following the above mentioned steps. Not a thing to worry about as the certified technicians is there to offer assistance to such users all through the day and all through the year. Users can anytime dial the 24/7 Google support phone number to get one stop solution for any of the underlying issue or error. After having done that the certified technicians offer user friendly troubleshooting steps via remote assistance or onsite assistance or live chatting and mail support.