How To Fix Windows Search Not Working in Windows 7 or Windows 10

Windows is one of the best and the most utilised operating system that is compatible with every systems be it laptops or computers. Windows is also the oldest operating system that the users from all around the world are using since a long time.

But, now a days, the users are facing lots of windows search not working related issues because of which the user is unable to perform their work on it. This issue generally takes place when the Windows operating system is not updated or when there is some problem in the system on which this issue is taking place.

Windows 10 Search Not working Problem

Therefore, for every version of Windows the troubleshooting steps for solving this issue is different. So, whenever the user come across windows 10 search not working issues then for this they should follow the below given steps:

  • Firstly the user should shut down their system on which this Window problem is taking place.

  • Then the user should also restart their web browser on which they are working so as to solve this particular problem.

  • The user should then modify the search service of Windows with its correct steps.

  • The indexing services mentioned in Windows should also be modified.

  • The Windows built-in troubleshooter should also be Run in the correct way for fixing this problem.

If windows 7 search not working problem

Besides, if the user face windows 7 search not working problems on their systems then for this also there are certain steps that should be followed. Some of the main steps for solving it are :

  • firstly, the user should use the Windows 7 wizard for detecting the main issue.

  • Then the user should try and fix the indexing issues.

  • Also the user should update Windows 7 for solving this problem.

  • All the caches and cookies of the browser should be removed as many times because of this also several issues occurs.

Therefore, by these mentioned methods the searching issues on Windows 7 and 10 will be solved and the user will be enabled to continue their work on it. But, whenever the user is processing these steps they should be really careful and should make sure that they are undertaking the correct steps. As any wrong step will complicate the issue. Also for more details the Windows representatives can be contacted.

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